AirFacts offers the most powerful solution of its kind in the industry, backed by experienced, innovative fare audit professionals. TicketGuard is a highly cost-effective system that will pay for itself within months, yielding a high return on your initial investment.

Look no further. Get paid. In full.

Recover Millions Of Dollars

The fact of the matter is you are not getting paid what you should be getting paid.

Dirty Deeds. Exposed.

Chances are you’re not being paid in full for the tickets your airline is selling. TicketGuardā„¢ offers an unparalleled solution for identifying lost revenue. AirFacts can process ticket sales anywhere in the world on a daily basis and issue debit memos.

Enforce Pricing Policies

Automated systems are amazing...except they don't pay you in full most of the time.

What's A Pricing Policy If It's Ignored?

You work hard to determine fair and accurate pricing. Don’t let automated systems and ticket agents undo your efforts. TicketGuardā„¢ helps you keep your pricing policies intact.

Manage Agency And Company Sales

Ask yourself a simple question: Are your biggest agents your most profitable?

Make Sure Contracts Are Being Honored

With a TicketGuard system, you can keep an eye on how each agent and station affects your bottom line. It provides the timely and in-depth ticketing information airlines need to manage their relationships.