TicketGuard Audit

Chances are, you’re not being paid in full for the tickets your airline is selling.
Agent ticketing skills and business ethics vary widely, and even GDS auto-pricing is not error-free. Losses can mount quickly and hurt your bottom line significantly.

Worldwide Capabilities

Make TicketGuard the perfect choice for auditing any route.

Menus of Auditing Options

Have the ability to audit public fares, private fares, commissions, taxes, refunds, reissues, exchanges, or bookings, singly or altogether.

Web-Driven Interfaces

Easy, uninterrupted access without any special software or hardware, while providing full transparency of the auditing process.

Management Summaries

Provide up-to-the-minute volume and scope.

Automated Processing

Allow for maximum volume and scope.

Contract Validation

Validating private fare and commission agreements affords greater coverage of sales activities and further enhances the deterrent effect of auditing.

Analytical Support

Get support from AirFacts throughout the collections process, strengthening the automated process.

ADM Generation

An integrated part of the TicketGuard system. Includes administrative service charges.

Life-Cycle Tracking

Track issued debit memos through imports/exports from/to airline accounting systems. This provides maximum integration with existing processes.